Charles Graham

Charles is an associate professor in marketing in the London South Bank University Business School and an adjunct professor at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute at the University of South Australia. He originally studied English Literature at Cambridge, gained an MA in Strategic Marketing Management at Kingston University and a PhD with Andrew Ehrenberg’s Centre for Research in Marketing at LSBU. Before joining the business school as an academic, he held board-level roles in companies growing consumer packaged-goods and licensed and franchised hospitality brands in the UK and Middle East.

Charles is a passionate advocate for marketing science and the applicability of evidence-based academic knowledge. His recent research includes analysis of: footfall densities collected from hundreds of thousands of observations on local malls and high streets; long-run buying patterns in industrial digital loyalty programmes; interpretation of mobile app usage to inform contextual targeting; and the evolution of consumer category buying over decades from very long-run panel data. His findings have impacted decision-making by local and international retailers and delivered consumer insights to strategic marketers and their agencies concerned with long run brand building.

Charles teaches marketing strategy modules at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and is supervising six doctoral students.